Reprint Series Code and Content of SudoTV

§ Scope

The SudoTV series code and content includes the following project sources:

Note that the above list may be incomplete. All series code and content published past, current, or future under the SudoTV project are restricted to this policy.

Series code and content include but are not limited to software sources, software binaries, packages, libraries, documentation, configuration, and description files.

§ Open-sourced

Series code and content under the SudoTV project may follow different open-source licenses. For series code and content hosted on Github, please follow the corresponding series code and content license. The following list is a general reference to the open-source licenses used by the SudoTV project.

Note that the above list may be incomplete and just for reference. You need to confirm the target series code and content's open-source license.

SudoTV reserves all rights and ownership for series code and content code repository that does not include a license. If you want to reprint a series code or content as described, please visit Contact Us page.

§ Contact

If you have any questions about the reprint, please visit our Contact Us page. Or, you can contact us by email at [email protected].

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